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We are there with the animals” -- and only you can make it possible. Our biggest goal at Animals’ Angels is to be out in the field investigating auctions, slaughter plants, feedlots, and livestock trucks as much as possible. The shocking results from our investigations have proven over and over again to spur positive change -- but we need your support to continue these projects! 

Animals’ Angels does not receive any kind of official funding. We rely solely on private donations from kind-hearted and compassionate people like you. Not only do we need you, the animals need you!  Even operating on our shoe-string budget, investigations are costly ventures to undertake. But they are absolutely imperative if we want to help our fellow animals.  

Your generous gift would allow us to be in the field with the animals, to help comfort them, to tell their stories, and to ensure that those responsible for their suffering are held accountable.

Please donate online or send your donation to:

Animals' Angels, Inc.
P.O. Box 1056
Westminster, Maryland 21158

And remember, Animals' Angels is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization - 
ALL donations are tax deductible.
EIN: 20-8780367


Support Animals’ Angels and say NO to animal cruelty! 

We are a 501c3 so all donations made to AA are tax deductible.

EIN: 20-8780367