Victory for Pregnant Mares Trapped in Blood Farms

Mare during Blood Extraction
GREAT NEWS from our international campaign against PMSG! Switzerland is the first country to ban the use of the hormone obtained from the blood of pregnant mares! This January, Animals’ Angels released information about a new investigation carried out by our European partner, the Animal Welfare Foundation. Investigators visited horse blood farms in Iceland, where 5000 pregnant mares are forced to give up to 5 liters of blood/week. The blood contains PMSG, a hormone used in veterinary drugs to harmonize the estrus in sows. The investigation revealed terrible conditions for the mares, which were beaten with sticks and chased by dogs. The campaign made international news and Switzerland was the first country to react to the public pressure. The Swiss Pig Breeder Association Suisseporcs announced last week that they do not want to be associated with the horrors observed at the blood farms and issued a nationwide ban of products containing PMSG. A HUGE VICTORY that will definitely increase the pressure on Iceland and might convince the European Union to take similar action.
Switzerland First Country to Ban PMSG