Update Dennis Chavez Case

Dear Friends,

I am sure that you still remember Animals’ Angels 2012 investigation at the Southwest Livestock Auction in Los Lunas, NM. It is one investigation I, myself, will always remember as one of the most horrific scenarios I have ever encountered. We found four dying horses that day, emaciated and bleeding.

They had just been left to die in one of the pens and would have suffered a slow, cruel death if it wasn’t for Animals’ Angels intervention. The case made international news and multiple cruelty charges were filed against kill buyer Dennis Chavez. Since then, AA has kept a close eye on his activities and the development of the case. Click here to read the recent investigation update.

Strangely, to date all hearing dates have been postponed and therefore there is still no justice for these horses. That is why Animals’ Angels is asking for your help today. We are starting a massive call for action and petition to Judge Sanchez in Los Lunas, urging him to finally move this long overdue trial forward. Please call Judge Sanchez and tell him how strongly you feel about this case. Sign the attached petition and mail or fax it to his office. Please share this wide and far and encourage others to do the same!! We are counting on you!!

Contact Info Honorable Judge William A. Sanchez:

Phone 505-865-4010       Fax 505- 865-0969

Click here to download the petition...

Click here to read investigative report from Southwest Livestock Auction

Click here to watch the video…(Warning – Video contains very graphic content that might be disturbing to some viewers)