"The Kill Pen" by KNOE-8 News Exposes Kill Pen Operations

We were thrilled to see not only the Stanley Brothers’ operations but also the issue of horse slaughter brought before the public by KNOE 8 News in Louisiana. The exposé “The Kill Pen” by KNOE Reporter Tim Bragg, aired in two parts, will surely raise awareness on the inherent cruelty and predatory nature of the horse slaughter industry. We at Animals’ Angels were pleased to be able to assist Mr. Bragg with his research into the Stanley Brothers and just how kill pens and kill buyers operate, as well as what happens “behind the scenes” for horses caught in the slaughter pipeline. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Tim Bragg and KNOE 8 News for airing this detailed report and bringing much needed attention to such an important concern.

To watch the news report, click on the links below.

Part One of The Kill Pen

Part Two of The Kill Pen