Justice Prevails in Presidio, Texas!

As many of you may already know from our previous newsletter, Animals' Angels investigators traveled to Texas this past week to argue bogus trespass charges that were filed against them. These charges were only filed as retaliation against our tireless work at the Presidio Export Pens in Texas.  


We're thrilled to announce that justice has prevailed! By appearing in Texas to argue these charges, Animals' Angels sent a message loud and clear to Ruben Brito and others of his ilk - we will not be intimidated!  And we succeeded. The case was dismissed and charges dropped by the Court because Ruben Brito refused to testify -- even though he was the person who insisted charges be filed. We assume that Brito thought better of his actions and decided not to add perjury to his list of shady tactics. This is a victory not just for Animals' Angels but for animal advocates everywhere.


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