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Bernard Goldberg examines why thousands of horses die while racing in the United States every year. The show also takes a close look at what happens with race horses that are no longer fast enough. The threat of being shipped to slaughter is very real. Animals’ Angels provided background information about the horse slaughter industry as well as video footage from our investigations to the production team.


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It is time to face the music for this former Stanley Brothers employee. Sadly, it has been determined that Parker has boarded some 181 horses rescued from kill pens, and 55 of them can’t be accounted for.

AA investigators have observed pigs with extreme sunburn as well as pigs frozen to the metal slats of the trailer. Most trailers used for livestock transport in the United States have no watering devices and very limited protection from the elements. Overcrowding leads to decreased airflow and toxic ammonia levels; chickens, pigs and sheep are particularly susceptible and often die en route.

Without adequate ventilation, water, bedding materials, exhausted animals are forced to stand in their waste for the entire journey, or lie down to be trampled. AA investigators have documented terribly overloaded trucks with animals lying on top of each other.

It’s a story about multiple people throwing away a once-successful racehorse turned hunter/jumper named Platinum Ticket after he’s no longer useful to them. 

A documentary by Animals’ Angels USA exposes what it calls “the horrors of the horse slaughter pipeline”.  

A veterinary student is accused of deceiving horse owners by offering their aging horses a new home at her pasture, but getting rid of the horses. Channel 2 Action News confirmed a small number of those animals are safe, but the evidence points to a cruel end for many of them.  Undercover video shot by the welfare group Animals’ Angels shows the horses crowd and kick in large transports headed to slaughterhouses.

Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest auctions dealing in horses – New Holland. It is a frequented by kill buyers, individuals whose sole purpose is to purchase horses and ship them to slaughter plants in Canada or Mexico for monetary gain. This particular livestock auction house has a notorious reputation for animal cruelty. There have been countless reports of extreme abuse and neglect.

Read the investigative report on the horse shot and dumped at New Holland HERE.

Animals Angels, a Maryland-based group that investigates farm animal cruelty, has conducted undercover filming of the New Holland auctions since 2006. Their work has resulted in three cruelty convictions. The most recent case, ended in January with an auction employee, John King, being convicted for failing to get help for a live pig on the so-called “dead pile” of animals. The pig later had to be euthanized.

Read more on the recent cruelty case involving the pig HERE.

Read more on the investigation and cruelty charges for the goat and sheep HERE.


We’re thrilled that our ongoing EU Campaign, and especially our latest report, appears to be shaking up Europe and raising awareness to the stark truth behind the horse slaughter industry.  The below article was published in the well-known French veterinary magazine, Vétitude. This exposure can only have a positive impact in the fight against horse slaughter.

You can find the translated version (language: English) here

At AA, we’re pleased to have Eurogroup for Animals, one of the most influential groups lobbying in Brussels to improve animal welfare in the European Union, as a part of our animal welfare coalition.

They recently published a hard-hitting release of their own to increase awareness within the EU of the stark truth behind the horse slaughter pipeline to Canada. Reaching the primary consumer is imperative if we want to STOP THE DEMAND for horse meat, thereby protecting our horses from the tragic fate of slaughter.

Avaaz Launches "Blood Horse" Petition

It’s straight out of a horror movie: hundreds of pregnant horses hooked up to blood-draining machines, some so weak they collapse and die. But we can stop this right now.  
The industrial horse torture is driven by European pharmaceutical companies who use the blood to speed up factory farming! The EU has said it’s considering action, but so far nothing has happened.  
No more horses need to die! Ministers are meeting in just 2 weeks -- let’s light a fire under the EU with a massive millionperson petition demanding they ban the abusive pregnant horse blood trade. Add your name to the petition and tell everyone.

Read more HERE and be sure to sign the petition!