The Hidden Cruelty Behind Livestock Auctions

Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest auctions dealing in horses – New Holland. It is a frequented by kill buyers, individuals whose sole purpose is to purchase horses and ship them to slaughter plants in Canada or Mexico for monetary gain. This particular livestock auction house has a notorious reputation for animal cruelty. There have been countless reports of extreme abuse and neglect.

The animal rights group, Animals’ Angels witnessed one such incident in March of 2016 when a severely abused horse was dropped off at the weekly auction. After workers at the sales stable noticed investigators documenting the animal’s poor condition, the horse was taken behind the scenes, shot, and thrown into a dumpster. Animals’ Angels reported it is “concerning that action was taken only when auction workers realized that the horse had been seen by investigators, at which point it was shot rather than being attended to by a vet.” The sales stable has since implemented a no photographs/video ban at the auction. Those in violation of the rule will be removed from the property. Animal welfare advocates believe this is in direct response to social media exposure of repeated animal cruelty.

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