EU Campaign Turns the Spotlight on Canada

As stated by Sonja Meadows, who is also the lead investigator for Animals' Angels, "Our investigators have taken and continue to take risks on a weekly basis to obtain the evidence of the illicit and inhumane activities which are endemic in the Canadian horse slaughter industry.

The evidence we are currently presenting to legislators in Europe documents not only the persistent maltreatment of horses, but also, and from their standpoint perhaps more serious, the very grave dangers to the health of their own citizens through the continued import of Canadian horsemeat."

"We are confident," she continued, "that the evidence gathered will have a tremendous and far-reaching impact in the fight against horse slaughter."

          Read or download the Official Press Release HERE.

          Read the online version HERE.


At AA, we’re pleased to have Eurogroup for Animals, one of the most influential groups lobbying in Brussels to improve animal welfare in the European Union, as a part of our animal welfare coalition. They have recently published a hard-hitting release of their own to increase awareness within the EU of the stark truth behind the horse slaughter pipeline to Canada. Reaching the primary consumer is imperative if we want to STOP THE DEMAND for horse meat, thereby protecting our horses from the tragic fate of slaughter.

          Read the Eurogroup for Animals release HERE.

AA's release was also featured in an article in The Dodo.

          You can access The Dodo article HERE.

We're excited to see this issue also making the news in the U.S. via The Inside Rein.  

          You can read The Inside Rein article HERE.

We’re thrilled that our ongoing EU Campaign, and especially our latest report, appears to be shaking up Europe and raising awareness to the stark truth behind the horse slaughter industry.  The below article was published in the well-known French veterinary magazine, Vétitude. This exposure can only have a positive impact in the fight against horse slaughter.

          Read the original article in Vétitude (in French).

          You can find the translated version (English) here