Animals' Angels Uncovers Horse Meat Used in Dog Food

Horses on Mexican Slaughter Truck
A new Animals' Angels investigation recently led to the discovery that Mexican horse slaughter plants such as Carnicos de Jerez have found a way to circumvent the European ban of horse meat from Mexico. Our analysis of international trade data revealed a disturbing connection between Mexican horse meat producers and the lucrative dog food industry. Carnicos de Jerez has become a supplier to several large companies in the pet food industry, taking advantage of the fact that the current horse meat ban is only in effect for horse meat intended for human consumption. Animal's Angels obtained records showing that in one four month period (April 2019 to July 2019), Carnicos de Jerez shipped close to 193,000 lbs. of horse meat (offal, minced meat, bones) to the German importer Polar Frost and approximately 255,000 lbs. of horse meat (hearts, lungs, livers, trachea and trimmings) to the German organic dog food producer Landguth. Read the full report here.