Animals' Angels Launches Important GoFund Me Campaign to Finance Horse Slaughter Investigations

You’re always there for the horses…right along with us… Together, we’ve scored some huge victories – like shutting down the slaughter pipeline from Mexico to the European Union, saving 56,000 horses since 2015!

Now, with your help, we’re on the verge of saving tens of thousands more by halting shipments of horsemeat from Canada and stopping the export of US horses to Canada for slaughter. Imagine sparing so many innocent souls from abuse, terror and pain! We’re ready for a final push…but we need a little help to get across the finish line.

So we’re excited to announce we’ve created a GoFundMe site to reach our goal of emptying the Canadian slaughter pens. Please check it out and donate. We can’t save the horses without you.

And please, share, share, share our GoFundMe with your network. Each share gets us closer to our goal, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts...and the hearts of the horses.


Click Here to go to the GoFund Me Page