Animals’ Angels EU Consumer Awareness Campaign huge success!

It has been a month now since the start of our European campaign against horse meat from the Americas. The heartbreaking images from our investigation in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay were show on major new channels in 4 European countries and have created an uproar among consumers, importers and governmental officials. Deen Supermarkets and Coop Supermarkets, two of the largest Dutch grocery chains have pulled all horse-meat products from their shelves indefinitely! In fact, Deen will immediately stop the sale of horsemeat from North and South America altogether! And Gerard King, Commercial Director of Coop Supermarkets had this to say: “…we want to have the assurance that both the animal welfare aspects as well as health concerns for all our consumers are safeguarded at all times in accordance with the rules & regulations set forth by EU legislation.”

We are beyond thrilled that our EU Campaign has had such an impact so quickly!  In the Netherlands, over 2 million viewers saw a 40 minute expose about our investigation featured by the popular talk show Tros Radar. The overwhelming reactions from the Dutch public triggered a debate in the parliament about the traceability of horsemeat from the Americas and the need for better labeling and drug testing.  

The investigation was the most talked about theme on Twitter for days and over 12,000 emails were sent to Dutch retailers, asking them to stop selling horse meat from the Americas. A petition against horse meat posted by the Dutch news site “Piep Vandaag”  reached 63,000 signatures within a few days.  

The primary consumers are making their voices heard!

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