Cruelty & Chaos Continue at Kalona Auction

Sick Mare in Auction Pen
Animals’ Angels recently conducted an extensive months-long undercover investigation into the Kalona Auction in Iowa, exposing the terrible treatment and conditions inflicted on the horses trusted to the auction’s care. Kalona is the only auction that uses a hydraulic gate to separate horses moving to the auction ring. As our investigators witnessed firsthand, this is a cruel and chaotic process that inflicts unnecessary suffering on the innocent animals at the sale. The investigation also served as a painful reminder why no one should ever purchase a horse from a kill buyer, since would-be rescuers only perpetuate the inhumane treatment of innocent animals and enable the abuse to continue. Read the full report here.

Animals' Angels Uncovers Horse Meat Used in Dog Food

Horses on Mexican Slaughter Truck
A new Animals' Angels investigation recently led to the discovery that Mexican horse slaughter plants such as Carnicos de Jerez have found a way to circumvent the European ban of horse meat from Mexico. Our analysis of international trade data revealed a disturbing connection between Mexican horse meat producers and the lucrative dog food industry. Carnicos de Jerez has become a supplier to several large companies in the pet food industry, taking advantage of the fact that the current horse meat ban is only in effect for horse meat intended for human consumption. Animal's Angels obtained records showing that in one four month period (April 2019 to July 2019), Carnicos de Jerez shipped close to 193,000 lbs.

Sombrero Ranches – No happy ending for Dude Ranch horses

Sombrero Ranches , one of the largest horse rental companies in the West, promotes an idyllic image of their guests enjoying gentle horse rides through the scenic Rockies. However, Animals' Angels has discovered that the real story behind this operation, which manages over 1,000 horses at any given time, is a sad and shameful tale which offers no happy ending for the poor horses involved. Read the full report here.

New Undercover Investigation at Slaughter Horse Feedlot in Montana released

Animals’ Angels investigators uncover horrifying conditions at the Bar S Feedlot during a 2-day investigation in the small town of Shelby, Montana. Bar S is the main feedlot for Bouvry Exports, which is the largest importer of US horses for slaughter in Canada. Our team documented the feedlot operations and they were shocked to witness the cold-blooded killing of several horses. However, many more areas of concern were found. Read the full report here...

USA Today Shines Light on Animals’ Angels Fight Against Horse Slaughter Industry


USA Today exposes the heartbreaking truth of the horse slaughter industry in a feature article, revealing for the first time on a national level the ruthless activities of kill buyers like Mike McBarron, who admitted to USA Today that horse slaughter, “is just a job” to him and that he’s “just trying to make a little money” by selling retired racehorses for slaughter.

New Holland Sales Stables - We demand a Change!

Imagine walking into an animal auction and seeing a horse lying on the ground with a bloated stomach and its head tied tightly to a feed incapacitated it can't stand up or protect itself when auction visitors kick it as they walk by.

Imagine horses in holding pens with swollen limbs, festering skin abrasions, devastating pelvic injuries, some so emaciated they look like they haven't eaten in weeks, some just babies with debilitating septic joint infections.

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The Truth about the Stanley Brothers

There's one family everyone familiar with the horros of the horse slaughter pipeline knows by name:  The Stanley Brothers.  These notorious kingpings of the slaughter industry work with cohorts like large-scale Kill Buyer Mike McBarron to send thousands of horses to a terrible fate.  But when the EU banned horsemeat from Mexico, they saw a dip in their business.  Rather than turn to a more humane endeavor, they built a whole new offshoot of their evil empire:  On-Line Horse Brokering, that preys on kind-hearted people and innocent horses.  Here's what you need to know to help shut them down!