FOIA Requests

Violations Documented at the Cavel Horse Slaughter Plant in Illinois

Violations of the Commercial Transport of Equines to Slaughter regulations

The following information was obtained by Animals’ Angels via Freedom of Information Act Requests. The list below contains all individuals who have ever violated the Commercial Transport of Equines to Slaughter Regulations (9 CFR 88) and included is information about the location of the violation, the fines received and the case status.

Sugarcreek Auction & Leroy Baker

Violations documented at the Beltex Horse Slaughter Plant in Texas

Results from Freedom of Information Request show severe abuse previously undisclosed: New data provides over nine hundred reasons for the urgent passage of bill banning the slaughter of American horses.

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The Myth Behind the Return of Horse Slaughter to the U.S.


Beltex Transport Violations Part 1

Beltex Transport Violations Part 2

Beltex Transport Violations Part 3

Beltex Transport Violations Part 4

Beltex Transport Violations Part 5

Beltex Transport Violations Part 6

Beltex Humane Slaughter Act Violations

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