Urgent Call to Action After Latest New Holland Auction Investigation

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 11:47
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AA Issues Urgent Call to Action After Latest Investigation at New Holland Sales Stables

Animals’ Angels is calling on all its supporters and fellow animal advocates to act now to stop the ongoing abuse and inhumane conditions suffered by the farm animals at New Holland Sales Stables, the largest animal auction on the East Coast. After investigating and documenting the horrific abuse inflicted on animals at the Pennsylvania auction over the last 15 years, AA investigators were appalled to witness further atrocities during our latest investigation conducted in March 2023.

We were also outraged by the lack of response from the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, which apparently plans to do nothing about this documented case of animal cruelty, and in this month’s newsletter we’re asking fellow advocates to take action to bring the abusers at New Holland to justice.

New Atrocities Witnessed at New Holland

When AA investigators went onsite to New Holland auction in March, they quickly noticed two different sheep down in different areas and saw that both animals were struggling to get up.

One sheep had been callously dumped on a loading dock next to several dead animals. The other sheep was lying inside one of the front pens in a particularly distressing condition with its neck twisted into an unnatural position as if broken. The poor animal was shaking uncontrollably and could barely breathe.

After documenting the condition of the two animals, our investigators watched nearby auction employees to see if appropriate action would be taken to end their suffering.

Our team was appalled to see that, instead of helping the fallen sheep on the loading dock in any way, the employees completely disregarded the animal, allowing a double deck trailer to be unloaded and dozens of other animals to trample across the fallen sheep, who was helpless to move out of the way.

The sheep lying in the pen was also ignored as employees loaded a large group of sheep into the same pen, indifferent to the pain and distress this caused the injured animal.

After documenting the inhumane actions of the auction staff, our team knew the only way to stop the animals’ suffering was to intervene and call the New Holland Police.

An officer arrived promptly and was confronted by an angry auction employee, who was extremely upset that the Animals’ Angels team had reported the abuse. When the officer saw the condition of the sheep in question, he was visibly appalled and ordered the irate employee to euthanize both the suffering animals immediately.

Incredulously, the officer left the auction without taking any further action against the abusive auction staff.

The Lancaster County DA Fails to Act (Again)

As we have done after each previous incident of abuse at New Holland, AA investigators immediately reported the abuse to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office and readily shared all the evidence obtained during our investigation.

While the D.A.’s Office claims on its website that it’s committed to investigating animal cruelty (even setting up a direct tipline to report suspected abuse), we never received a call back.

Once again, just as with the last report of abuse Animals’ Angels submitted back in November 2017, the D.A.’s stated commitment to protect animals has proven to be an empty promise.

In the 2017 incident, AA investigators found yet another sheep dying in a pen while auction workers did nothing to help it. After videotaping the incident and convincing the auction veterinarian to euthanize the suffering animal, we sent the collected evidence to the District Attorney's Office, where the case was assigned to Detective Joanne Resh. To our astonishment, Detective Resh declined to pursue the matter because the auction staff eventually “did what we wanted” and euthanized the suffering animal.

In both the 2023 incident, and the 2017 incident, the known abusers were never charged. Despite a long history of documented animal abuse at New Holland Stables, the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office continues to allow the animals to suffer without taking action.

This outcome is unacceptable given the severity of the incidents reported, and the overwhelming history of abuse documented by Animals’ Angels in previous cases, including three convictions (with guilty pleas) against New Holland or its employees.

Our Call to Action Regarding New Holland and the Lancaster D.A.

Our hearts break for all the innocent animals who have suffered and died at the hands of abusive New Holland auction employees and management.

As we seek accountability for the abusers, along with justice for the animals, Animals’ Angels calls on all animal advocates to:

Contact the Lancaster County District Attorney, Heather L. Adams, and demand justice for the animals at New Holland.

Heather L. Adams can be reached at:


AnimalAbuse@co.lancaster.pa.us or hadams@co.lancaster.pa.us

Send a strong, clear message, such as:

District Attorney Adams:

Despite your office’s assurances that it would work for more humane treatment of animals in Lancaster County, and the creation of an animal abuse tip-line, no action has been taken to force the management at New Holland Sales Stables to improve conditions for the animals there. In fact, your office refused to enforce protection laws when observers documented and reported horrific conditions and abuse. I’m calling on you to make good on your promises and take legal action to address the animal cruelty at New Holland Sales Stables. Please hold auction management accountable for the animals who come through their doors.

I’m also asking you to personally review Animals’ Angels complaint currently pending at your office.

Share your opinion about the incident on the Lancaster County District Attorney’s social media pages:



Contact the local media