Superior Farms Sheep & Lamb Slaughter Plant, Denver, CO 7/21/11

Monday, August 22, 2011 - 15:53
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2011_7_1920_superiorlambslaughterplant_co_stillfromvideoUpon arrival at 9:30am, investigators saw a “Livestock Transport Fort Collins, CO” truck backed up to the unloading chute.  While watching the handling/unloading, another truck from “BLUE FARMS” pulled in to unload. The sheep, which were loaded on four levels, were unloaded with paddles and handled satisfactory. The plant has an exterior holding pen, which was full.  At 09:53am, a”LAMB” truck pulled in, likely to pick up meat.  2011_7_19_superiorlambslaughterplant_denverco8The CO Department of Public Health & Environment fined Superior Farms $16,000 for operating without a Stormwater Discharge Permit. The inspection report identified several pollutant sources.