Shipshewana Auction, IN 9/16/09

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - 10:45
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9/16/09 Shipshewana Auction, IN
2009_09_16_USA_cruel_handling_Shipshewana_SM_2Animals’ Angels was present at the weekly livestock auction in Shipshewana, IN. The investigators immediately noticed the large number of skeleton-like cows, of which many were limping and panting heavily. The conditions at this auction are poor; none of the pens have any water available for the animals. The handling was extremely brutal and among the worst ever observed at a public auction: the workers used the electric prod excessively on baby calves, sheep and cows.




2009_09_16_USA_cruel_handling_Shipshewana_SM_19It appeared that especially the young workers took their frustration out on the animals. One worker was documented engaging in a martial art style battle with one unfortunate sheep. While the public was watching he kicked and hit the sheep with full force in the face multiple times. Animals’ Angels will work to obtain an animal cruelty conviction for this atrocity.

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