Petaluma Livestock Auction, CA 7/16/12

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 11:15
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2012 07_16_Petaluma_Auction1_Petaluma_KM_LogoInvestigators arrived at the Petaluma Livestock Auction at 8:30 am. Investigators did not observe any food or water provided to the animals. The pen area is located behind the sale barn and is not accessible to the public. A blue plywood fence runs around the pen area to shield the area from the public view. The sale began at 11:00 am and started with pigs. There were 17 pigs sold (one pig was limping heavily), approximately 150 goats , 10 calves, and approximately 50 – 60 feeder cattle. 2012 07_16_Ring_worker_also_buyer_55_Petaluma_KM_LogoHandling in general was done with moving paddles and was satisfactory. 

Electric prods were used on some of the agitated bulls. A young worker located at the gate that leads into the auction ring was observed on two occasions pulling goats by their horns. A second worker located at the gate leaving the auction ring was observed on one occasion pulling a goat by their horns. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this auction.