Patton Livestock Auction, London, KY 7/26/11

Monday, August 22, 2011 - 15:57
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Patton_Auction_KYAnimals’ Angels attended the small weekly auction in London, KY. The parking lot was crowded with pick up trucks & trailers, however, no semis were observed. There were 5 cows, 15 calves, 8 sheep, 110 pigs, 9 horses and 8 mules offered for sale. It was a hot & humid day, but fans were only running in the auction area and not in the pen area. The handling in general was calm and all the horses & mules were led in the auction ring individually. However, one of the workers in the sale ring was observed carrying piglets by their tail, which is completely unacceptable. Among the horses was an emaciated 4 year old gelding, which was moved through the auction ring very quickly. He was sold for $25 to an unknown man who bought 3 of the horses and 2 of the mules. Another auction observer was overheard making the comment: “They’ll all be dog food…” Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor the facilty.