New Holland Sales Stables, New Holland, PA 09/17/2012

Monday, September 17, 2012 - 13:00
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New Holland_1 Investigators arrived at New Holland at 8:00 AM. The auction was busy with the unloading of horses and cattle. The horse auction began at 10:25 AM. In attendance were Rotz Livestock, Fisher Stables, Diamond K Ranch, Brian Moore, Frank Carper and Cedar Ridge Farms. Diamond K Ranch was there with a semi and single deck trailer, Rotz Livestock – pick up and stock trailer, Fisher Stables – truck and long stock trailer, Cedar Ridge Farms brought two vehicles, a semi with single deck trailer and a pick up with stock trailer. Horses appeared to be in good condition. The cattle pens contained hay and water. There were a few skinny Holstein cows and a number of calves with their umbilical cords still attached, indicating they were only a few days old. One brown Swiss cow had what appeared to be some type of wart infestation her face. The fans were running in the pen areas and the cow pens were not overcrowded. In the pig barn, the pens were crowded. Most pigs did not have any food or water. Several of the pigs displayed cuts and scrapes most likely from fighting in the cramped quarters. The sheep pens were crowded. With one exception, the pens had hay and water. The sheep were climbing up into the hay feeders between the bars. When the investigators arrived at 9:05 AM one sheep had slipped and became stuck in the bars. Investigators went to auction management and informed them of the situation. At 10:25 AM, the sheep was still stuck and investigators again informed auction management. New Holland_2At 11:05 AM, an auction employee removed the sheep from its “prison”. On this particular day, the horse sale was slow, but all of the “normal” kill buyers were buying. While on this visit, it appeared that the auction has followed our suggestions on improving conditions, we will continue to monitor it.