New Holland, Pennsylvania - 6/18/07

Monday, June 18, 2007 - 15:15
Investigation Category: 

The Animals’ Angels inspectors observe the New Holland Sales Stable on this Monday morning. It is a very hot and humid day, with temperatures as high as 94 degrees. The inspectors encounter many dead pigs, cattle and goats on the premises. 

Especially the pigs, who still have no access to water at the auction, are struggling. The inspectors observe several downed pigs in pens and alleys. To our concern, the downed pigs are not given any water or veterinary care. Instead, Jim, one of the workers at the pig stable, uses excessive electric prodding and kicking in order to make them move. 

Only as the situation is brought to the market owner’s attention, he and the veterinarian walked over to the pig stable to take care of the suffering animals. This is not acceptable. It appears that Mr. Kolb’s attempts to improve his market have decreased again. 
The Animals’ Angels inspectors will continue to work with the market on bettering the conditions for the animals.