New Holland Auction, PA 4/7/08

Monday, April 7, 2008 - 10:30
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4/7/08 New Holland Auction, Pennsylvania
2008_04_07_USA_NEWHOLLAND_SM_6The Animals’ Angels Inspectors visit New Holland Sales Stables. Inside the sheep barn, several pens are very overcrowded. In one of these pens, the investigators find a downed sheep in horrific condition. The weakened sheep is barely moving and is trampled constantly on head, body and legs by the other animals in the pen. Again, nobody from the auction is in sight to address the issue. Only after Animals’ Angels brings the situation to the attention of the market owner, the employees take action. The sheep is removed from the pen and humanely euthanized.
It remains a huge concern that again our intervention was necessary for the auction to act.