“Dog Alley” at First Monday Trade Days, Canton, TX 11/4/18

Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 09:08
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Animals’ Angels investigators returned to the Canton animal market on November 4, 2018. While commonly called “Dog Alley,” animals such as horses, goats, poultry, rabbits and other small animals are also sold at this venue. Since our last investigation at this location in September, we have urged management to implement several changes necessary to improve the well-being and care of the animals being sold. To date, there has been absolutely no response to our demand for changes that would not only ensure protection of the animals but also improve the reputation and credibility of the venue.

The observations on November 4th showed once again that the conditions remain unchanged. Dog Alley was very busy, with hundreds of dogs being offered for sale. Still many sellers were placing the animals directly on the ground, despite the known risk of a Parvo infection. Several animals were spotted without water or with overturned water bowls. In the back alleys, dogs were offered for as low as $10.00 and cats were given away for free. Just as during the last visit, some dogs appeared to have eye infections, were sneezing or appeared lethargic.

Due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, more turkeys than usual were sold. The sellers had brought large feed sacks to put the animals in. Several of the turkeys tried to run away with the bag, only to be chased by the laughing group of buyers who seemed to find the animals struggle quite entertaining. Chicken were grabbed by legs, feet or anything the seller could get a hold off, ripped out of the cage and stuffed into a cloth bag for the buyer to carry away.

The continued lack of improvement of conditions is very concerning. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this venue and report all violations to the appropriate authorities, demanding action. In addition, we will persist in advocating for laws prohibiting the sale of animals at open air venues like flea markets while pushing the Dog Alley/Curry Trade Grounds management to make the much needed changes that will greatly increase the welfare of the animals.