Farmer John pig transport from Colorado to California 10/22-10/23/09

Thursday, October 22, 2009 - 20:15
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The Animals’ Angels investigators followed a truck loaded with “slaughter” pigs all the way from Yuma, CO to the “Farmer John” slaughter plant in Vernon, CA, 1157 miles away. The pigs were loaded onto three levels and the loading density was very high creating extremely overcrowded conditions.  The temperature when the truck left Yuma was 28 degrees, with heavy snow. The trailer offered the pigs no protection whatsoever from the freezing cold.

Despite icy road conditions the solo driver engaged in risky overtakes and drove with speeds exceeding 80mph. The trip, without loading times, took 26 hours and forty minutes.


For the entire trip the pigs had no access to water and were exposed to temperature differences of 50 degrees (Temperature upon arrival at the plant 78 degrees).

Animals’ Angels will make sure that Farmer John will be held responsible for the appalling conditions for the animals during this transport.