Mount Hope Exotic Auction, OH

Saturday, March 27, 2010 - 07:15
Investigation Category: 

The 3-day auction is billed as the Mid-Ohio Exotic Animals and Bird Sale. Animals present include camels, horses, llamas, deer, pigs and miniature pigs, buffalo, African cattle, wallabies, raccoons, bears, wolves, several types of primates, several types of birds that are sold in pet stores, mice, snakes, frogs, turtles. Vehicles from many different states, PA, NY, VA, MI, IN, TN, were observed in the parking lot.

Investigators observed a female burro, apparently in season, being mauled by many of the other burros. Auction workers moved the burro to a separate stall after investigators pointed out the concern. Many animals had no water or empty water buckets. At this auction, owners are supposed to feed and water their own animals. Once sold, the animal is supposed to be taken care of by the new owner.

Investigators observed as a seller with mini donkeys complained to auction employees. She told them that the burros in the stall next to hers had not had any water or food for 2 days. The employee went and brought back some water for the animals. The auction needs to monitor the feeding and watering of the animals to ensure that all animals have access to water and food. ANIMALS’ ANGELS will inform auction management of these findings and recommend improvements.