Winter Horse Auction, La Junta, CO 10/29/10

Friday, October 29, 2010 - 10:45
Investigation Category: 

Investigators arrived at 0740 and observed a double deck trailer operated by George Baker, a known kill buyer, arrive and park in the lot. At 0900, the buyer for Charles Carter, a known kill buyer, arrived. The loose horse sale began at 1000 and ended at 1012. 55 horses were sold in 12 minutes, all were purchased by kill buyers. Five of these horses had some degree of lameness and one had a leg injury. Two foals were taken from their mothers. After the sale, the investigators observed the foals crying for their mothers and the mares were in Baker’s kill pen.

The mares were extremely agitated and the pen was in total chaos and overcrowded. At 1200, the horse sale continued and several horses were hit in the face with a bullwhip to move them faster. One mare had an enlarged knee, and one mare was pregnant, several were lame and most of these horses were purchased by kill buyers. At the end of the sale, the buyers for Carter and Baker had purchased 40 horses each. Baker loaded all of them in one double deck trailer.