Whitford Collecting Station Cut Bank, MT, 10/17/13

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 00:00
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Animals’ Angels recently uncovered this to date unknown supplier of horses to the Bouvry plant. On 10/16/13, investigators had witnessed the black Whitford Freightliner and single deck trailer (DOT 1781787) unloading horses and foals at the Bouvry feedlot in Shelby.

The Cut Bank collecting station is located outside town in a rural area. On the premises are a private residence and a small barn. Investigators arrived at the location at 12:05pm. The black Freightliner, a single deck trailer, a double deck trailer and several smaller stock trailers were parked on the premises.  

Straw bales were piled up around the pen area, which made it difficult to see the horses from the road. There were approx. 30 to 50 horses in the holding pens, mainly foals and colts. The pen was covered in manure.   It was not clear if all the horses had access to the small barn. All horses that were visible appeared to be in good condition. 

In an adjacent field, the investigators found a lot of bones, a hip bone and two horse skulls.

It appears that the horses at this facility are bred for the sole purpose of being slaughtered. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor the location.