Update on Stallions shipped to Dennis Chavez 2/03/15

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - 17:45
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A follow up investigation conducted by Animals' Angels has confirmed that the 224 stallions and 64 mares shipped by Ole Olson to Dennis Chavez on January 15th were indeed Dann Sister horses.  In fact, Brand Inspection Certificates were signed by Frank R. Dann on behalf of the Estate of Mary Dann.

We were able to determine that the horses were shipped by Montoya Trucking, a company Dennis Chavez uses for his slaughter transports to Presidio and Santa Teresa. Montoya uses single deck trailers with very small holes in the sides which make it difficult to see the condition of the animals inside the trailer or to check on their well-being.  Several of these trailers also have open roofs, exposing the animals to the harsh elements.  The paperwork suggests that the horses were shipped in groups of 32 horses which leads us back to the question of how they could have possibly segregated the stallions as required by law.  

As you may recall when we first reported this situation, we stated that we had contacted the USDA to file a formal complaint regarding the transport of these stallions and to urge IES to look into the true purpose behind their shipment.  We provided them with this additional information and have since heard back from them with positive news.  IES/USDA has advised that their office has launched a full investigation into this matter.  We will keep you informed of new developments as they become available. 

The question of what Chavez has planned for the horses found something of an answer as well: the horses are to be gelded once he receives them.  According to the paperwork AA obtained from the New Mexico Livestock Board, the stallions were not to be used for commercial breeding and were scheduled to be gelded upon arrival at Chavez’ location. As mentioned in our original report, Chavez’ gelding techniques are questionable at best and is just one more torturous ordeal for these poor horses to endure.  And sadly, with Chavez in possession of these horses, there are few options open for their future. 

Even worse, our investigation revealed that several additional shipments of the iconic Dann Sister herd were also sent off to Dennis Chavez via Ole Olson – another 128 stallions, but also mares, geldings, and a large group of Quarter Horses, all with Brand Inspection Certificates signed off by Frank R. Dann on behalf of the Mary Dann Estate.