Update on Pregnant Mare Blood Campaign 7/18/18

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 08:52
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Great news for our International PMSG Campaign! Yesterday, IDT-Biologika, one of the pharmaceutical companies importing PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum), issued a press release stating that they will no longer source the product from South American production sites. The decision is a big win for the thousands of pregnant mares trapped in blood farms under horrific conditions, forced to give large amounts of blood until they lose their “productivity” and are shipped to slaughter.

Animals’ Angels and the international alliance led by the Tierschutzbund Zürich/Animal Welfare Foundation first exposed this widely unknown industry in 2015 which created a media storm and international outrage. In 2017, pharmaceutical giant Merck/Intervet was the first to make the decision to no longer source any PMSG products from South American production. While yesterday's decision by IDT-Biologica is a big success, our alliance will continue the campaign until the last cruel production site is closed and the remaining importers Zoetis (Italy), Ceva (France) and Hipra (Spain) follow Merck's and IDT-Biologika's examples.