Unadilla Auction, NY 3/18/11

Friday, April 1, 2011 - 16:45
Investigation Category: 

Investigators arrived at the monthly horse auction at 5:00pm. The tack sale was ongoing and the parking lot was already full of trucks with smaller stock trailers. There was only one tractor trailer present, Toby’s Livestock from Middleburg, PA. Inside the three dark pens at the loading dock entrance were several horses in poor condition. One pen, marked “out of state” contained a severely emaciated draft horse. In the pen next to it were two brown Standardbreds, both had an enlarged hind leg. In the third pen, investigators found more thin horses, a horse with an eye infection and a horse that was missing one eye. The condition of the horses in the other two barn areas was satisfactory. Most horses had access to hay, but no access to water. In the auction ring, a man wearing a Brian Moore jacket, was selling tack until the horse sale started. Kill buyer Nickerson arrived and took a front row seat.  Nickerson and the man named  “Chucky” , who apparently was buying for Brian Moore purchased several horses. The gelding with the missing eye($75) and the Standardbred with the enlarged leg went both to Chucky. 42 horses in total were sold.