TX Department of Agriculture Export Pens, Eagle Pass, TX 2/22/10-2/23/10

Monday, February 22, 2010 - 10:15
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v55_img_d13004_72_thumbApproximately 60 horses were present in the pens on each of the 2 days. Workers loaded horses for shipment to Mexico onto a parked trailer 50 minutes before the rig arrived, needlessly making the already long and arduous journey for the horses on the trailer even longer. Hay was given only if horses stayed overnight.  Water was accessible all day, no open deck trailers were observed during the two days investigators were present. Handling was calm. The pen manager informed investigators that no injured or lame horses are accepted. However, instead of providing veterinary care for these horses or euthanasia if needed, these horses are sent back with the shippers.