TX Department of Agriculture Export Pens - 2/24/10-2/26/10

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - 18:15
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v56_img_d13004_74_thumbApproximately 60 horses arrived at the pens each day. The pens were sheltered and provided water for the horses. However, dangerous and inhumane open trailers were used to transport horses to Mexico. Overhead pipes were broken off, leaving jagged edges and putting horses at risk of severe head and eye injuries.

Horses were packed onto the open trailers without shelter from the sun or the elements. Investigators were told that the horses were being trucked to the slaughter plant in Zacatecas, Mexico. Known kill buyers Saulters and McDaniels brought in horses during the 3 days investigators were present. Soon after his arrival, Saulters confronted investigators demanding they leave v57_img_d13004_75_thumbthough they were on a public right of way.

Later, investigators observed that Saulters was forced to take back 3 of the horses he had brought in, with the horses being loaded back onto his truck. Still later Saulters stopped in the middle of a public thoroughfare, approached investigators and spoke to them in a threatening and irrational manner. Investigators filmed the encounter, then filed a complaint with the police department.