Triple Crown Ranch, Meeker, OK 9/25/12

Monday, November 26, 2012 - 12:15
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Animals Angels investigators arrived at the Lincoln County Livestock Market, which is also the location of the Triple Crown Ranch slaughter horse collecting station. Triple Crown Ranch, operated by John Carlson, is known for shipping horses to slaughter in Mexico. According to public documents, Triple Crown Ranch ships approximately 480 horses/month to the Presidio export pens and from there to the Intermeats plant in Aguascalientes. A review of these documents also revealed that the paperwork is falsified, since the same information is being used over and over again. Animals’ Angels has reported these finding to the USDA.

The auction in Meeker appeared small, but a substantial pen area was visible in the back of the premises. There were at least 120 horses on the property, many of them were already slaughter tagged. All pens had feed and water for the animals. Also observed was a loading chute with an area large enough to hold 3 trucks in a staging area. There was no activity during the time of the visit, but Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this location.