Transport of slaughter horses from Indiana to Canada 6/2/07

Saturday, June 2, 2007 - 15:00
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AA investigators observed the loading of 30 horses onto a truck at the Shipshewana auction. Their destination is the horse slaughter plant in Richelieu, Quebec, which is 810 miles away.

The terrified animals struggled and fell as they were rushed into the double deck trailer. Despite the requirements set forth in the Commercial Transport of Horses to Slaughter regulations, the animals were loaded without being given six hours of rest and access to food and water.

The Animals’ Angels inspectors followed the truck on its way to Canada. Without any inspection or evaluation of the animals on board, the truck was able to cross the border. Upon arrival at the slaughter plant, the long journey has taken its horrible toll: One of the horses is dead and six are severely limping.

The Animals' Angels investigators documented the entire trip and will discuss the findings with enforcement agencies and legislators.