Trailing of Cook Trucking with rejected horses from the Presidio export pens, TX 3/4/13

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 08:00
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Investigators noted Cook Trucking from Stroud, OK leaving the export pens with several rejects in his canvas top trailer. Investigators followed as the truck headed north through the Texas desert.

The truck was driving in an erratic manner, slowing down and speeding up for no obvious reason and crossing the center line frequently. Speeds of more than 85 mph were observed. 

It should be noted that Cook Trucking (DOT 979769) has multiple violations for unsafe driving and for drivers exceeding their allowed driving hours. (21 violations)

After crossing through Alpine, TX, the driver pulled over along the road and took a break. Investigators were able to film the rejected horses inside the trailer; all six of them were loaded in the front compartment. Two of them showed obvious signs of an ongoing strangles infection and one of them was really thin. Others had enlarged knees and cuts.

The truck parked for almost 2 hours, adding unnecessary time to the transport of these already weakened animals. He continued heading north and entered I-20 at 2:40pm. Investigators followed for a while, but when it became clear that the truck was returning to Stroud, OK (11 hour transport) they returned to Presidio to continue their investigation.