Trailing of BR Ranch Truck, Marfa, TX 10/31/12

Monday, January 14, 2013 - 15:15
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At 9:48 am, investigators documented the red BR ranch truck passing through Toyahvale, TX and driving south towards Fort Davis.  It was the same truck and the same solo driver investigators had photographed three days earlier at the Billings horse auction in Montana, close to 2000 miles away. The truck was heading to the Presidio export pens. While following the truck, investigators noted that the driver was driving erratic and shifting in and out of his lane. They called the Presidio Sheriff’s office in Marfa and alerted the dispatcher about their observations. When investigators called the Sheriff’s office again at approx. 12:19 pm, the dispatcher informed them that the truck had been stopped by a Deputy Garcia in cooperation with a Texas DPS trooper named Luna. He also stated that there was a problem with a horse, but that it had been resolved.

When investigators called again the next day to acquire more information, Deputy Garcia denied that there had been any issue with any horse. Investigators then contacted Trooper Luna from the Department of Public Safety. He also stated that there was no issue with truck or horses. Oddly, despite the fact that a formal complaint was made about the driver acting erratic, Luna informed the investigators that no log books were checked.

Animals’ Angels has sent a formal request for all information about this incident to the Presidio Sheriff’s Office as well as the Department of Public Safety.