Terry Blair Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Alexandria, TN; 4/30/16

Saturday, April 30, 2016 - 07:30
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Animals’ Angels investigators returned to the premises of long-time horse trader Terry Blair located in Alexandria, TN.  

As Animals’ Angels has reported previously, Blair is known to provide horses to large-scale kill buyer Mike O’Dwyer in Nocona, TX who in turn ships horses to Mexico for slaughter via the Presidio and Eagle Pass export pens. 

Our investigations show that Blair frequents kill auctions such as Smith Grove, KY and Knoxville, TN in order to provide a steady supply of horses to O’Dwyer. Blair also holds his own horse sale in Alexandria once a month.

Terry Blair’s collecting station is in a wooded area and consists of a barn and several fields. Investigators observed little change in regard to the conditions of the locations.  The fields remain divided by barbed wire fencing and pieces of broken pipe, which poses a severe risk of injury to the animals contained inside. 

Our investigators noted that there were approximately 35 horses and 8 donkeys present in the different fields, the majority of them gathered around piles of low quality hay.

Several of them already displayed the green USDA slaughter tag on their hips while others still had auction tags attached. Many of them were very thin with their hip bones and ribs clearly visible.

Among these horses were a great number of Standardbreds; some of them appeared quite young.

Investigators observed the premises for some time but there was no activity whatsoever. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor Blair’s activities.