Sugarcreek Horse Auction, OH 7/16/10

Friday, July 16, 2010 - 14:30
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Again, several horses in deplorable condition were observed: One draft horse with a broken hip, one horse with long hooves, one horse with a severe eye infection. One horse was delivered to the auction with a deep cut on his buttock and cuts all over his face. The deep cut was initially held together with duct tape, however, when the horse was put into the overcrowded pen, it was rubbed off by the other horses. The fresh injury was bleeding strongly and muscle flesh was exposed. The auction veterinarian saw the horse, but never did anything to ease the suffering. The horse went through the sale and was purchased by Leroy Baker. Despite attempts of a rescue organization to buy the horse from him a few days later, it disappeared and most likely was shipped to slaugther.