Sugarcreek Auction, OH 4/1/11-4/2/11

Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 16:00
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This was the last visit to Sugarcreek auction before our meeting with the town officials on 4/4/11. The observations were very similar to what was witnessed during previous visits. The horses in the “kill pen” were kicking, biting and fighting. One horse had a fresh check injury. Baker already had two pens in the back with approx. 60 horses ready to be shipped to slaughter.

 The approx. 130 horses for sale that day were moved to the auction ring in large groups and some horses were pushed over and trampled by others. Luckily, no horses died that time. As usual, the majority of the horses were purchased by kill buyers Baker and Bauer.  On 4/2/11, investigators observe a Canadian truck with a single deck trailer pulling into the auction parking lot. Shortly thereafter, he started backed up to the loading ramp and then left with a full load of Baker’s horses. It appears that Baker has stopped shipping to Mexico and is now only sending horse to the Canadian plants. Recent FOIA information and Baker’s comments during the meeting on 4/4/11 confirm this observation.