Sugarcreek Auction, OH 2/18/11

Saturday, February 26, 2011 - 14:15
Investigation Category: 

The situation remains unchanged at the weekly Sugarcreek Horse auction. Upon arrival at the auction, investigators notice several emaciated horses in the pen area. In one of the back pens, investigators find one horse tied up between cows. One of his eyes is missing, and the other eye is severely infected. The eye loss appeared to be very recent. The horse did not go through the sale and had no tags attached. The auction refused to provide any information about the animal. Behind the auction ring entrance, auction employees were again observed hitting horses with full force across face and moving too many horses at one time. Again, one horse went down and was trampled by others. It managed to get up, but was limping. One paint horse panicked and hit his head on the low ceiling, resulting in a strong bleeding forehead injury. It is time to stop this mayhem. Animals’ Angels has received new evidence against Baker via a Freedom of Information Act request. We are currently working on the release of a compilation report & video of all the violations observed and complaints are being filed on a state and federal level.