Success! Bouvry Exports Only US Slaughter Horse Feedlot Closed

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 10:06
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Animals’ Angels investigators returned to Bouvry’s main collecting station for all the horses he acquires in the US, located in Shelby, MT. The Bar S feedlot can hold up to 1800 animals. Animals’ Angels has visited this awful place since 2008 and we have found dead, dying, injured or sick horses every single time. It is truly hell on earth for horses.

However, when investigators arrived on the morning of September 27, 2022, they found a completely barren lot with not a single horse in it. The feedlot seemed abandoned, the gates locked up and the majority of the hay was gone. Our findings were confirmed on October 7, 2022, when the Montana Department of Livestock received a letter from Bouvry Exports confirming the closure of the feedlot. It is likely that the continuing decline of the horse slaughter industry & the constant exposure of the animal welfare problems at the feedlot by Animals’ Angels are the reason for Bouvry’s decision to close his only US feedlot.