Stanley Brothers Collecting Station - 2/19-2/22/10

Friday, February 19, 2010 - 20:15
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v53_img_d13004_69_thumbAnimals’ Angels investigators traveled to Louisiana because of complaints received about the condition of horses in the possession of the Stanley Brothers. Arriving at the Stanley Brothers Horse Collection Station in Bastrop, investigators soon observed a lame and severely emaciated horse.

The horse held her left front leg out in front of her, apparently unable to bear weight on it. The investigators noted a green slaughter tag affixed to the horse’s withers. That Sunday evening, one of Stanley Brothers trucks backed up to the loading ramp. Unable to tell if the horse was among those loaded, investigators followed the trailer to the federal export pens in Eagle Pass, TX.

v54_img_d13004_70_thumbAfter observing the truck unload at the pens without seeing the horse, investigators spoke with the export pen operator, showing him photos of the horse. The pen operator assured investigators that the horse was not there. The horse still had to be at the collecting station in Bastrop and Animals’ Angels filed a complaint with the Bastrop police department.

The police officer dispatched confirmed the investigators observations and wrote in the police report that the horse was in need of veterinary attention. The case is still ongoing, but Animals‘Angels will make sure that the Stanley Brothers will be held responsible.

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