Southern Colorado Livestock Auction, CO 8/27/09

Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 08:15
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8/27/09 Southern Colorado Livestock Auction, Monte Vista, CO

2009_08_27_USA_MONTE_VISTA_AUCTION_SM_2Animals‘ Angels investigators visited the weekly auction at Southern Colorado Livestock Auction. All 19 horses sold that day appeared to be in good condition and were moved by an employee on horseback with no use of any implement. The auction started at 12:15 pm, with goats, sheep, pigs, calves, horses and ended with cows. Animals‘ Angels found the method of moving the goats to be unacceptable, the animals were dragged into the ring by their hind legs, ears or tails. The animals were not provided with food and water, and the sheep pens were extremely overcrowded. Animals‘ Angels will discuss the conditions and handling of the animals with auction management.