Smith Horse Company, Inman, KS 7/16/12

Monday, July 30, 2012 - 12:00
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Animals’ Angels investigators were able to locate one of the collecting stations for slaughter buyers Jeff & Randy Smith, d/b/a/ Smith Horse Company. The Smith Brothers have been in the slaughter trade for a very long time. They used to deliver horses to the Texas plants.

Public records show that they have violated the Commercial Transport of Equine to Slaughter Regulations multiple times, shipping injured and EIA positive horses.  Currently they appear to be supplying horses for slaughter in Mexico.

The property in Inman, KS is a fairly large property, divided into medium size pens. There is one barn on the property, which appears to be a storage barn. The pens, large enough to hold hundreds of horses,  contained  hay bales and there was water available in all pens that were visible.

All horses appeared to be in good condition. Several of the horses still had their auction tags. The pens are arranged in a way that no matter what pen is used, the animals can be easily run to the loading chute. Fresh semi tracks were visible on the property, an indication that there had been some activity recently.

Investigators will continue to observe the premises.