Slaughter Horse Collecting Station - 10/27/09

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 - 04:30
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The Animals’ Angels investigators observe the slaughter horse feedlot in Fallon, NV. Property records indicate that it is owned by Bouvry Exports, a company that also owns a horse slaughter plant in Alberta. Apparently the Fallon lot serves as a collecting station for horses from the surrounding states, which are then shipped to Bouvry’s large feedlot in Shelby, MT. The premises in Fallon appeared very run down and there were only a few horses in the pens during the time of the investigators’ visit. Temperatures were below freezing that morning and all the water troughs were frozen. There was no access to shelter for most of the horses and no hay or straw in the barren pens. Animals’ Angels will continue to investigate this matter.