Shipshewana Horse Auction, IN; 6/1/07

Friday, June 1, 2007 - 08:00
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Animals’ Angels inspectors visit the Shipshewana Horse Auction in Indiana. While observing the loading dock, they count several emaciated horses, one horse with a severe eye injury and many horses with hooves so long that the animals are barely able to walk. At least six horses are limping. Despite the fact that 75% of the pens in the stable are empty, all the “meat” horses are put into one big pen, which causes a lot of fighting and kicking between the scared animals. The handling of the animals by the workers was very rough.

The inspectors watch a small trailer unload. One of the horses inside the trailer looks like a skeleton. The auction refuses to accept the horse in that condition, therefore the owner leaves the animal on the trailer in the parking lot. Every bone is visible. The inspectors attempt to inform the humane officer in charge and the auction veterinarian about the situation, but none of them could be reached.

The Animals’ Angels inspectors documented the horrible conditions at the market and will continue to monitor it.