Shipshewana Auction, IN 8/22/12-8/22/12

Monday, November 5, 2012 - 13:00
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Investigators were present at the weekly livestock auction in Shipshewana. Hundreds of cows, cattle and calves were present at the sale. Again, most of the “spent” (industry term for cows that no longer give enough milk to be “profitable”) dairy cows were put in one of the large pens. Several were in appalling condition, emaciated, limping and with full udders. A dead cow was found in one of the pens in the back. No bullet hole was visible.

When investigators attended the calf sale, they noticed one of the little calves being pushed through the ring and no one wanted to buy it. The audience laughed as is stumbled through the auction ring. Afraid what might happen to it, investigators purchased the frightened baby and took it home to bottle feed it.

When they returned to the auction the next day, several dead animals had been discarded outside the barn.  Among them were 2 horses, which had not been visible at the sale the day before. Neither horse had bullet wounds, but instead presented with strange, white foam surrounding their mouths. Neither horse had visible injuries and the cause of death could not be identified.

Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this auction. 

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