Scott Irvine Slaughter Horse Collecting Station in Crossfield, AB; 9/1/16

Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 14:30
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Animals’ Angels investigators returned to Scott Irvine’s collecting station in Alberta, Canada to determine if conditions for the horses has changed since our last visit. Irvine owns a large property that includes vast pastures, several holding pens, barns, houses, a small arena and a western store.

The investigators arrived at the collecting station at 5:30pm. Upon arrival, they immediately noticed that the extensive pastures were completely overgrown and appeared not to have been used in quite some time.

Two horses, both in good condition and weight, were kept in a small section close to the house. A single deck trailer was also parked in one of the pastures and the grass/weed overgrowth on the tires indicated that the vehicle had not been moved in quite some time.

When Animals’ Angels visited his premises in 2013, Scott Irvine was shipping horses to the Canadian Premium Meats slaughter plant. It is possible that with the decline of horse meat exports to the EU and Switzerland, Irvine decided to leave the horse slaughter business and focus on his Western Store and Quarter Horse breeding. Public records indicate that his trucking company (DOT 1198110) is also still active.

Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this development.