Scott Irvine Horse Collecting Station, Crossfield, Alberta, Canada 10/19/12

Monday, December 10, 2012 - 15:30
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Scott Irvine operates a collecting station for slaughter horses in Crossfield, Alberta. Irvine also breeds Quarter Horses and runs a western shop. Investigators arrived at the collecting station in Crossfield at 11:17am.  His property is large with vast pastures, holding pens, barns, houses, a small arena and a western store.

Inside the pens were pen approx. 25 horses. Many had large numbers painted on their backs. In the middle of the pen, a large manure pile was visible next to the hay bales. Hay was available for the horses, but the water trough was full of algae. The horses appeared to be in good physical condition. The investigators noticed one horse with an older cut on his forehead. There was a narrow loading ramp next to the holding pens. A large single deck trailer with boarded up sides was parked on the property.