Santa Teresa Export Pens, NM 9/4/07

Tuesday, September 4, 2007 - 15:30
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The Animals’ Angels inspectors observe the Santa Teresa border crossing between New Mexico and Mexico and meet with the USDA port veterinarian. Inside the export pens are 50 “slaughter” horses, all in shockingly poor condition. We see severe emaciation, final stage strangles, extremely large open and infected wounds, severe laming, and one young, grey horse with a burned off ear. To the inspectors’ surprise the USDA veterinarian determines these horses all fit for transport. His comment regarding our concern over the horses’ welfare is “They’re fine. I’ve seen worse”. In addition, we are informed that if the USDA veterinarian deems the horses unfit for transport that they are not euthanized, but rather left untreated in the export pens on the US side of the border with no shelter from the sun until they die. The inspectors’ also learned that these pens are owned by a private Mexican organization - the Chihuahua Cattlemen’s Association. Animals’ Angels feels that the procedures at this border crossing and how these severely health-compromised horses are treated are unacceptable. We will continue to monitor the situation and will inform the appropriate authorities about the alarming current situation.