The Ruben Brito Export Pens, Presidio, TX 3/6/12 – 3/8/12

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 15:45
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3:15pm - Investigators observed Wayne R West truck/trailer unloading the slaughter horses at the new Ruben Brito export pens in Presidio, TX.  Unloading was satisfactory, and horses had immediate access to food and water. Investigators made multiple trips to this export pen to gauge horses’ conditions.  The pens were kept extremely clean; horses had shelter, food, and water. 


8:10am – 2 George Baker trucks with fully loaded trailers unloading.  Bud Shirley truck/trailer parked near Brito pens waiting to unload.  Shortly thereafter, one George Baker truck/trailer leaves with rejected horses (quantity unknown). At 9:33am , the Bud Shirley truck/trailer leaves with rejected horses (trailer is boarded up, but horses could be heard on the trailer) and heads straight to the highway.

Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor the situation.